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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Tim and I'll be your 'all-in-one' website developer. With vast expertise in motion graphics, UI/UX design and website creation I can help you achieve an outstanding website. Let's bring your ideas to life so everyone can see them!



My work



What I’m good at

UI/UX Design

With endless ideas I'll design a stunning website which will impress everyone. Futuristic design, minimalism, illustrative design? Something new? No problem, I'll make it happen. Not only will the website be responsive and jaw-dropping but also very easy to navigate and use.

Motion graphics

Bored of static content that makes a website very basic? Fluid and interactive animations will make your website interesting to your clients so they will want to visit it again and again!

Website creation

After the design is top-notch, comes the website creation. I'll build the website in a powerful  web design tool called Webflow. Adding custom code (JS, CSS, HTML) with various libraries will make the website unique and responsive.